Small Business Web Design: how to

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The success of an online marketing campaign such as Adwords or Facebook largely depends on the quality and versatility of your website. Quality web design should be central to all your campaigns and provide your clients with everything they need to see that your business is the better choice.

Small business web design needs to achieve a balance between marketing, user interface and searchability. This means creating a web site that not only gets your clients to your site, but shows them that your company is the best choice and connects them directly to you in the easiest way.

1.    The marketability of your site is penultimate to your success.

At the end of the day if the client finds your site and is underwhelmed by your content or just plain can’t access your details, you have lost a customer. Take every opportunity to clearly explain what you do. We can't tell you how many websites we see that forget something as simple as telling the visitor what the business actually does. The most important part of “small business web design” is the small business!

2.    Quality design will make you shine.

This is where responsive design comes into its prime: with upwards of 50% of internet traffic now coming from mobile devices, you want your clients to be able to access your site with ease on their phone or tablet, especially if you are in a business that may get emergency calls like law, locksmithing or plumbing.

3.    Be searchable: learn to love Google

Small business web design needs to focus on being searchable for your client base and target demographics. This means taking advantage of every available online resource at your disposal and creating an effective network that will feed traffic to your website. Don’t compete for first place against giants, try a more specific niche that your business caters to. It's always better to be the number one result for a search term that gets 200 views per month than page three for one that gets 2000.