Why you should avoid posting spoilers

gollum finds out about ned stark

Ned Stark is what?!
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When 'Not listening' is not an option... The weekend is over, the fuzz of the week begins and because you live a timezone behind most USA channels, you cannot go on the internet. "Is that TPS report done yet?" "Can you get me a running sheet on 'company x'?" "You have been in the restroom for 7 hours now please come out we are worried." Requests like this and the general threat of being jobless stack up endlessly against knowing what happened on last nights Breaking Bad. Is it worth it though - we have all been stung before with the Lost finale, spoilers can save us sometimes.

Meanwhile you are trying to Tweet your latest blog article or circulate your latest activities and updates, but a single slip of the eye and bam: Tyler Durden is a delusion. Or the psychologist was a ghost all along. Or Ned Stark- [ remainder of paragraph deleted by NSA for the interests of global peace]. On the other hand there is always one solid solution to avoid spoilers:

Or maybe channels could start screening premiers / giving them online releases simultaneously, increase their rating by an order of magnitude and give us a chance to be at all productive on a Monday.

For my fellow bloggers: Don't be that guy. Don't spoil things for folks, and when in doubt use the following code anywhere in your blog HTML to mask spoilers. Do the right thing, create a better world.


Code to cut and paste:

<div id="spoiler" style="display: none;">SPOILER CONTENT GOES HERE</div>
<button onclick="if(document.getElementById('spoiler') .style.display=='none')
{document.getElementById('spoiler') .style.display=''}else{document.getElementById('spoiler')
.style.display='none'}" title="Click to show/hide content" type="button">show spoilers </button>